Julia Marmi

Julia Marmi

Past and present merge in the processing plant of Julia Marmi.

At the quarry is the initial first selection of Piasentina stone. The first quality material free of visual defects is loaded onto our trucks and transported to our manufacturing headquarters. Here, with the help of a crane, the stone is downloaded and stored in the yard.

Our History

Mario Laurino from a young age couples his passion for stone: By July 1, 1940 is already working in the quarry along side his grandfather where he remained for seven years.

During the following 50 years he devoted himself to work in carpentry and founded his own construction company, never losing sight of his old passion. The “old” stones demolished in Udine are jealously guarded in the home courtyard in Cividale.

In 1965 he decided to completely devote himself to the Piasentina stone and founded Julia Marmi with the enthusiastic support of his wife.
During this time in Tarpezzo, in 1972 with the open pit S. Ermacora in Torreano created a 3km. network of internal quarry roads. Also dating back to 1980, initiated the opening of the Clastra quarry which is progressively expanding.

In 1970 the manufacturing facility was upgraded with the purchase of the first block cutter.

In 1998, with the aim of improving production and services the purchase of “Riviera Marmi” was made.

At the beginning of its activity, Julia Marmi had few mechanical production equipment, but could rely on the experience of many skilled masons who returned to Italy after years working abroad.

Today, the production plant is fully automated and completely renovated but we never forget our origins and the value of the work done by hand.

Julia Marmi

" The Piasentina stone is important not only for its quality but particularly for its uniqueness. It’s cultivation is in fact restricted to a small area of the north eastern hills of the Friuli region and there are no other types of stones in Italy that are considered similar to this stone."

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