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Julia Marmi presents; RITORNO-RETURN, the new project of wall and floor coverings in Piasentina Stone, developed in collaboration with the studio of Tideo design, specialized in the production of decorative surfaces. The collection consists of a series of modules of five graphic decorations on brushed stone, combined with other five elements with more traditional surface processing, typical of the know-how of Julia Marmi. The combination of the most graphic and unusual elements for the Piasentina Stone with the more traditional surfaces: flamed, antiqued or brushed, of standard size or custom-made, results in varied compositions and high-impact, innovative for a stone material that offer a range precious textures for architects and interior designers.

Materials: brushed , sawn surface, polish, honed, flamed and antiqued J Piasentina Stone
Size: 40x60x1 cm.
Technology: cutting, honing, polishing, brushing and antiquing on stone and subsequent etching
Design: Tideo design, Julia Marmi


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